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Wealth Management

You have goals for your future; probably more than one. They might be about the lifestyle you hope to lead in retirement. Or a child’s education. There might be a charitable cause you hope to support more fully, or a hobby you’ve yearned to pursue. Or perhaps you’re just not quite able to articulate your goal. But we bet you have one, nevertheless. Understanding what’s really important to you is at the heart of how we’ll begin to build the kind of relationship you expect. Step by step, in a way that is very personal, very open and very focused on your hopes and dreams and goals.

Retirement Savings

Throughout all our life, we are said to save some money for our future. There are two main reasons for saving money – your future education and retirement. The question of managing these savings may be problematic if you has never faced it before. Even though saving for college does not have such a priority as retirement savings do, no adviser will tell you they both are unnecessary. However, the specialists of our company will help you in managing these savings, so that in the future they could serve you well. Our financial advisers have a great store of experience, so you can be sure about the quality of our work.

How to Become Your Own Banker

What if you could bypass banks, finance and credit card companies altogether and become your own source of financing?

It’s easier to do than you might think and hundreds of thousands of people are already doing it!

To show you how it works, we’ve highlighted the major benefits to this plan…

  • A way to make major purchases that beats financing, leasing or even paying cash for them!
  • How the Private Pension Plan lets you use your money to buy things… but still have it earning interest and dividends for you
  • Multiple ways this method beats using traditional financing
  • How famous people like Walt Disney and J.C. Penney used this method – when no banker would lend them a dime
  • How the average family can add $500,000 – or more – to the their lifetime wealth, simply by running their car and vacation purchases through a Be Your Own Banker Plan
  • The primary advantage of a Be Your Own Banker Permanent, Cash Value, Life Insurance is that it is designed to provide your family with the protection they need, for as long as you live. (As long as you properly fund the life insurance policy.)
    For example; a typical, a middle of the road, $250,000 permanent, cash value life insurance policy, purchased at age 25, and properly funded will cost you about $1,700 per year. (Assuming you are just in good health.) At age 65, that $250,000 policy will have a cash value of approximately $185,000, and you will have paid in only $68,000 during those 40 years. That’s an average annual return of 4.39% for the 40 years, and you’ve had $250,000 of life insurance protection for your family and spouse for the entire 40 years. Now, at age 65 you can stop paying the premiums, and you will have a minimum of $250,000 of life insurance protection for the rest of your life. Remember, the Be Your Own Banker Investment Grade  Life Insurance policy does not end at age 85, like term insurance does!


No two Be YOUR OWN BANKER plans are alike. Each is custom tailored to your unique situation, goals and dreams. To find out what your bottom-line, guaranteed numbers and results would be if you added THE BE YOUR OWN BANKER PLAN to your financial STRATEGY, request a free, no-obligation Analysis today, if you haven’t already done so.

If you’re wondering where you’ll find the money to fund your plan, keep in mind the Be Your Own Banker Wealth Strategist are masters at helping people restructure their finances to free up money to fund a plan. Here are the nine most common places they look. 

Business Owners

Managing finances of a company, no matter how big or small, can be challenging if you don’t have an appropriate experience. But with rising popularity of financial consulting, our company decided to develop a complex set of services that would be suitable for any kind of businesses – from promising small ones to respectful international companies. Statistics show that around 40% of small business owners use services of financial consulting. Our company truly believes that it is possible to enhance the situation in the modern business just by introducing correct financial planning for it.

Insurance & Annuities

Insuring your life, health or your property is one of the most easiest may to safe yourself from daily risks. However, some people don’t think it is necessary to deliver themselves from breaking a car or losing their property in case of a fire. That is why in our company we try to make insurance and annuities as the most widespread type of insurance available for everyone. If you still hesitate deciding whether you need insurance in your life or not, our experts can help you make your choice and clear all peculiarities of spending your financial resources on annuities.

Cash & Credit

Our company is widely known for easy handling questions and issues connected with finances. One of the leading spheres of applying financial consulting is cash and credit management. If you find it difficult to cope with all complexities of paying a credit on time or managing your money, our company has a lot of options for establishing your successful economic condition. Starting with basic recommendations, our team of experts can develop a personal program for managing your credit, independently of its aim. You can trust us with everything concerning your financial management.

Stocks & Funds

Stocks are basic elements used for building your own investments base that can also be beneficial to your retirement account. However, it may be difficult to distinguish between different features of working with stocks if you do not have any experience in finances and economy. Luckily, we can help you in everything concerning not only stocks, but also bonds and mutual funds that can also be very important, especially if you run your own business. So whether stock trade is the subject of your interest or you are just wondering how mutual funds work, we are always ready to help you.

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College Things

65% of parents believe that their child will attend college


Life Insurance

90% of consumers think life insurance costs more than it does

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