Peace Of Mind For Your Employees At No Cost To You

Foresters Payroll Deduction (List Bill) provides an opportunity for your employees to purchase life insurance without your business funding the cost. Foresters offers affordable and straightforward products that can help your employees with their financial concerns such as: • Funding college expenses for children • Covering short-term debts • Covering longer-term debts, such as a mortgage • Helping save for retirement No work or costs on your end: • Employees choose the coverage they want and what they can afford. • Foresters offers a wide range of products: whole life, term, universal and accidental. • Payroll

Social Security

The Problem: People Just Aren’t Saving Enough & Many Will Outlive What They Do Have You know you should be socking money away for retirement because you have no desire to be a Walmart greeter. And I don’t say that to be mean, because some greeters seem quite happy to be working and getting regular human contact. But let’s face it when you think about retirement no matter how far off or near that might be, I’m sure your dreams are filled with sandy beaches, 12 rounds of golf or just travelling to visit family

Retirement & College Savings

If you’re in your 20s, you might not feel a need to acquire life insurance. After all, you’re young and healthy. Why should you care about life insurance at this time in your life? Well, honestly, your 20s just may be the perfect age to think about life insurance, and not just for protection. There are other benefits for getting life insurance while in your 20s. Keep reading to find out what those benefits are. 1. It’s cheaper in your 20s. While cheaper doesn’t always mean better there is something to be said about paying